Client Testimonials

  • It was a great job done and was of the highest quality while still remaining inexpensive. Dominic understood what I wanted to do and why. He didn't sell me on something that was excessive or unnecessary.

    Amanda Vavrina
  • I could not ask to work with a more professional or friendly business. Dominic cares about his customers and participates in all aspects of the job.

    Jason HodgesDriveway Paving
  • Dominic was polite and professional, and even though rain caused the job scheduling to be a bit tricky, he made sure to come out on a day that accommodated our schedule.

    Robert N.Driveway Paving Asphalt
  • Our driveway paving was completed in one day, and our new driveway is the best one on the block!

    Dan L.
  • I called, and he showed up promptly in the evening and gave me a quote, and after we negotiate, we came up with a plan. He did the job a few days later, and it looks great. I had called several other asphalt companies that were highly rated on Angie's List, and they could not bother to show up or return phone calls. I tried tracking them down but became very frustrated. I think that maybe because my job was not the biggest, no one was that interested. I very much appreciate that Dominic came through for me and that he did it so very quickly.

    Dave A.Driveway Paving
  • Dominic was very professional and helpful by phone and arrived punctually for our appointment. In fact, I was a bit late myself, regrettably, but he was sincerely understanding about that, which I appreciated. He explained various options for the paving project in terms that were clear for me (a novice homeowner) to understand. We've decided to wait until next year to pave the parking area, and use our current budget for more pressing items such as heating and windows, but when we're ready next year, we'll call up Dominic again to get this job done. I was impressed by his pleasant, efficient demeanor and knowledgeable approach.

    Steven F.Paving a Basketball Court
  • Dominic's was great to work with. First, I asked him to do some work for me in filling cracks. He was very honest with me and said that I really should not do the work because it would lead to faster deterioration of my driveway, which was in pretty good shape anyway. So he went against his own interest in making money to make sure I was making the right decision for my driveway. Then he offered a refund -- no questions -- in the face of a misunderstanding regarding the size of my driveway, even though he'd taken the time to come and visit the house.

    Samantha H.
  • Dominic and his crew did a great job. We were a little skeptical at first because the estimate he gave us was a LOT less than others. However, Dominic's work is highly rated, so it seemed like, and was, a win-win. We've waited three months to give a rating, and there have been no problems; the driveway looks great. Dominic has been in the business a long time, knows what he?s doing, and is a real pleasure to work with. There were some equipment problems which delayed completion of the paving (they started on time but had to add an extra day or two), but it only affected his schedule and did not impact the quality of his work for us.

    Pamela T.Resurfaced Driveway
  • Dominic's price was very reasonable, he arrived when promised and sealed the driveway. Excellent Service!

    Christian C.Driveway Sealant
  • The whole business went well. Dominic arrived to bid for the job as promised: his price was very competitive. The contract was clear and simple and he took 50% of the price as a deposit. On returning to perform the work, he delivered as promised. The quality of the work was first-rate, as was the finish. His team did an excellent job throughout.

    Doug M.Driveway Repaving
  • Dominic responded quickly to our call. We agreed to the price and conditions, and he showed up on time with his large amount of equipment and two man crew. They worked tirelessly for two days and were totally professional at all times. They also demonstrated significant paving skills during a somewhat difficult job given the steep incline and drainage problem, plus the circular driveway. We would hire him again, but we anticipate that the paving job will last so long that we won't need to do that. We highly recommend Dominic's Paving. Dominic and his crew completed a difficult driveway in two days using excellent equipment. The driveway goes down a sharp incline and meets a circular part of the driveway. It had deteriorated to the point that it had holes in it. It also requires some skillful work ensuring that the driveway drains away from the garage.

    Francis H.Driveway Repaving
  • The asphalt on our lower driveway was cracked and crumbled, and the upper gravel drive was eroded and deeply rutted. Rocks washed down the to the street after every rainstorm. Dominic re-paved our very steep lower driveway with asphalt; graded and resurfaced the upper gravel drive (total length about 180 feet) and turnaround area. He leveled it and filled it with crushed concrete, then covered it with several layers of stone, compacted it using a roller, a complex then topped it with a layer of crumbled tires and sealant complicated job. We were concerned about not damaging roots of 150 year- old trees that ran under the drive. Since we'll soon be remodeling, it didn't make sense to pave the whole drive with asphalt at this time. Dominic was fantastic. The top drive has held up beautifully despite several very torrential spots of rain.

    Laurie C.Driveway Repaving
  • Dominic Paving did an excellent job in resurfacing our driveway. We had about 6 holes that needed filling. He dug the holes up and filled them with asphalt making one sturdy patch. He told us the patch may be visible but that it would look better over time. He came back and saw that it was too visible and added another coat of oil based asphalt. It sure does look better. The patch is an A+ patch. The driveway resurfacing is too. I would hire him again and recommend him.

    Dominique GAsphalt Paving
  • Phenomenal work by a good guy and a great company, I would absolutely use them again for work in future.

    Thomas T.Driveway Paving
  • The estimate was prompt and thorough. We had a long discussion on the types of sealers and the benefits of both. We decided to have two areas saw cut and replaced due to uprooting. Dominic was very thorough and did and excellent job. I have read other negative reviews and feel oftentimes other customers do not listen to recommendations and have unrealistic expectations. I would reccomend them again.

    Francis D.Driveway Patching
  • Dominic was very upfront about the process and I like a company that doesn't sell you fluff. He surely wasn't the cheapest out there but generally, when I am looking for something, we all know you get what you pay for. And with that, Dominic did a fantastic job and used quality materials. He was honest, straight forward with what to expect and will be asking him to maintain my driveway in the future. I would highly recommend him.

    Benjamin A.Driveway Seal Coating
  • I have a long steep driveway with lots of cracks. Dominic came out and clearly explained all the options that I had to fix my driveway as well as the pros and cons for each method. I ended up going with hot tar filling of the cracks with an oil based sealer.Dominic came out the following week and completed the work on the scheduled day and time. There were a lot of cracks that needed to be filled which he worked with me on the price. My driveway now looks beautiful.

    John E.Driveway Repair
  • It could not have been any better! Dominic is very professional and very good at explaining what needs to be done, and laying out the various options for the customer; from the start, my neighbor and I (who share the driveway and parking area) were very confident that we'd made the right choice. His workers were extremely competent, professional and polite, and the finished job was absolutely beautiful. I have to admit that I approached this project with a lot of trepidation, having had NO previous experience with paving, but Dominic made it all go smooth as silk and a very pleasant experience. He and his crew deserve 10 stars! The driveway and parking area are absolutely beautiful, and the price was very reasonable for the amount and quality of work that was done. This company gets my highest recommendation--they are TOP NOTCH in every way! Trust me, if you need paving, you cannot go wrong with Dominic's Paving!

    Sandy H.Driveway Repaving
  • Dominic was quick to respond to my initial inquiry through email. He came out and was very honest in his assessment of my driveway, explaining the level of effort required and cost. He promptly came out to seal the driveway on Monday, April 14th and I was able to use the driveway the next day as he explained. He did a great job on our driveway, it looks great, the price was right. I will use him again in the future.

    Ryan W.Asphalt Sealcoating
  • I could not ask for a more professional or friendly business to work with. The owner was personable. He came out in the cold to assess our cracked and deteriorating driveway. He talked with us about our options and answered all of our questions. he wasn't pushy and he was very down to earth and friendly. Dominic really cares about his customers and participates in all aspects of the job. He and another gentleman did the job in one afternoon. They actually were able to take care of the job a day earlier than scheduled, which was good, since we were expecting bad weather. They were efficient, they did not leave a mess after the work was completed, we were very pleased with the result, and the price was reasonable. We are happy with our new driveway so far, and expect that we will have no problems. Dominic assured us that we could call him anytime if we had a problem or needed something fixed. We could have gone with a different well-known paving company, but why not work with a business who's owner is personable, reliable and friendly?!! These character traits go a long way.

    Jason H.Driveway Repaving