Parking Lot Striping and Marking


Asphalt pavement marking is important for people who own parking lots or other ground structures using this material. Most real estate owners of commercial buildings or other businesses will need to use pavement marking at one point. The marking of pavement can include the making of handicap spaces, stalls, arrows and much more. Very rarely will you see a parking lot without marking so users of the space know where to park. In some cases, the owner of the grounds may want to get rid of markings in order to construct a new design or layout of the parking lot or structure. This is made possible by using many different methods.

Some materials used in asphalt pavement markings include thermoplastic. This material is the most widely used agent for markings and have a long lasting life. This material is not only used in parking lots, but on roads as well. The reason this material is preferred over the traditional painting method is because of the durability and superior life shelf. Painted markings tend to last a lot less and are easier to damage. Normal colors that are often used are yellow and white, which are important for defining traffic and controlling the safety of pedestrian walkways. Some signal arrows are also used with turning lanes.

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Two basic processes are used to install these markings. An adhesive is used to apply the asphalt to the surface of the pavement. Among professionals, this is referred to as the overlay process. Some of the easier markings to remove include exiting pavements. To do this, a process called, applicants’ invention is used by heating the surface of the roadway. This is where the pavement marking has been initially installed. Infrared heaters are then used in order for the marking material to liquefy. The Infrared heaters in no way shape or form will harm or damage the hydrocarbon constituents which are located within the pavement. Temperatures used can rank as high as 200 degrees Fahrenheit. At this very moment, the performed pavement marking is then cooled.

Asphalt pavement marking is just as important as the initial process to install it. Sometimes, when other prospects become owners of the parking lot, they may want to customize the look and feel of the grounds in order to meet the needs of their surroundings. Removing or applying pavement markings is not a simple process, but is necessary for the customization of roadways and parking lots.

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