Parking Lot Asphalt Maintenance

Parking lot asphalt maintenance is utilized in a variety of ways because of the durability and simplicity of the construction. Not only is asphalt a cost effect option, but the material is a number one choice amongst owners of parking lots across the globe. Because of the strength of the material, asphalt can withstand heavy weight loads and requires little to no maintenance. Asphalt can hold up for many years.

Even though asphalt can last for long amounts of time, parking lots still need to be inspected and evaluated in order to upkeep the grounds. This can be done with a routine checkup from a parking lot asphalt maintenance company. Some of the common maintenance procedures include patching and repair. Even though asphalt has high durability, there are still vulnerabilities to potholes caused by improperly sealed cracks. As water freezes in between the existing crack, an expansion of the initial damage occurs, making a bigger problem. A pothole is formed when the surrounding pavement falls into the cracks.

maintaining a parking lot in Rockville

The asphalt repair procedure consists of the affected areas being filed with either hot or cold asphalt mix. The temperature of the water used is determined by the season or location. In some cases, the material must be removed or resurfaced. This can be done with a procedure called an ‘overlay’. Before starting the procedure, the entire area has to be cleaned which will level asphalt of low areas. Clients have the option to use Geotextile reinforced resurfacing. This type of resurfacing requires a fabric called, Petromat. This petroleum based fabric will stunt reflective cracking between the surfaces.

As soon as a hot fresh layer of pavement mix is applied and starts the cooling process, the aging cycle begins all over again. There are many factors that cause this such as when oxygen located in water and air mixes with the asphaltic binder of the pavement. From here, a chemical change takes pace. This process is expected in order for the pavement to become hard and solid. However, later down the road the asphaltic binder will reduce the pavement till there is nothing left but a layer of loose stone. Some elements that are proven to be harsh on pavement include; sun, salt, water penetration, cold or hot environment conditions and gas.

These factors mentioned are the reason parking lot asphalt maintenance is so important. Not only will future problems be detected, but there can be huge safety hazards if the right precautions are not taken. Maintenance for parking lots is considered a must in order to uphold the safety and integrity of the entire area.

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